2017 New Mom Essentials

Posted on January 06 2017

2017 New Mom Essentials
The moment you find out you are expecting a little one your whole life changes. You begin to think about things that you have never thought about before. Things like, breastfeeding or formula, what kind of stroller to buy, cloth diaper or disposable diapers, baby names and the list goes on. When you start to create your baby registry, you realize how many things you need to purchase for you and the baby. The reality is that many of the items you will purchase, you will only use them for a few weeks or months. 
I created my top 9 mom/baby products I wish I had when my kids were born and an amazing blog that features other mom's stories of raising babies and building businesses.
Every new mom should have these essentials when they begin their motherhood journey!



LatchPal is a breastfeeding shirt clip that holds up a mother’s shirt during breastfeeding. Not only does LatchPal eliminate chin-cinching, shirt re-positioning and feeding disruptions but it also helps a mother nurse/pump hands-free and in greater comfort to maximize milk flow.  This multi-purpose solution only requires ONE HAND to attach and latch, making any shirt nursing friendly. In addition, when your baby’s belly is full, LatchPal can be used as a nursing reminder clip to let mom know what side she fed from last.




Rachel's Remedy Breastfeeding Relief Packs are a must-have for nursing moms! They are the only FDA-cleared moist-heat or cooling relief packs that help increase milk supply and relieve and prevent clogged ducts, mastitis, engorgement, nipple pain, and more. Our Relief Packs provide soothing all-natural relief and conveniently slip into any bra while clothes stay dry. Now you can increase your milk supply and relieve breastfeeding discomforts discreetly, naturally and effectively.  Finally, relief is here. Buy it now or add it to your baby registry today.


3. Hooray Littles


Car seat Swaddle: Swaddle your cute baby and go! This special swaddle allows you to swaddle your little peanut in a car seat or stroller (or any 3-5 point harness) while keeping them safely swaddled! You can keep them safe and cozy all at once! 





Sharing stories of the mamas raising babies and building businesses in our weekly "Meet the Mamas" interview series. 
Discover the best mom made products and services through our curated online resource of mother run shops. #shopmamamade
Supporting and empowering each other as mothers!
-Mama Made Inc 



Our Jasemet cover provides FULL COVERAGE while you breastfeed your child. 
Breastfeed with ease while knowing that your baby will not pull or kick the cover off. 
The Jasemet cover conceals your front, back and sides.The neck hole expands
so it can be placed under one arm and you easily look in to glance at your
One Cover, 5 ways to use it.
SCARF - Wear it as single loop infinity scarf.
NURSING COVER - Provides FULL COVERAGE  while nursing your little one.
INFANT CAR SEAT COVER - Protect your baby from the wind and bring sunlight.
HIGHCHAIR COVER - Keep the icky germs away from your child while eating at your local restaurant. 
SHOPPING CART COVER - Keep the germs away from your little one while shopping. 
Soft and stretchy breast pump cushion that can be used while you pump to add more comfort.
Each bow is handmade with you in mind. This wool felt bow is lightweight, and petite. Paired with the nylon headband your baby is unaware they have a darling bow on their head. The nylon headband can stretch to your child’s size making it a one size fits all. It stays securely on without putting too much pressure on your baby’s delicate head. You are sure to get loads of compliments on this bow!



8. Nom Nom Necklaces

Nom Nom Necklaces provide oral stimulation and help relieve pain associated with teething. Teething babies love the chewy silicone beads while little curious hands love exploring the texture of our beads. Breast or bottle-fed babies can reach and grab while eating to help keep focused! Moms will love the versatility and style of our necklaces!





This is a women's V-neck graphic shirt that is inspirational and trendy! 

10. Stitches by Natalie

Stitches by Natalie transforms your speical swaddle into a birth Puppy and embroiders your little ones birth stats on the side of the dog to create a lasting keepsake. 

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