10 ways daddy can help mom Breastfeed

Posted on December 27 2015

10 ways daddy can help mom Breastfeed

The key to successfully breastfeeding is having a support system. Seeing how breastfeeding has become less of the norm these days, it might be hard to find. So the role of the father is super important. Here is my list of how Daddy can support Mommy Breastfeeding.

  1. Do your research. You should be just as knowledgeable about breastfeeding as mom. This is your child too, don't you want to know what is going into your baby's body and why?
  2. Acknowledge that what she is doing is not easy, compliment her on what a great job she is doing.
  3. Wake up in the middle of the night to change your baby's diaper. I used to wake my husband up after nursing so that he could swaddle our son. He's the swaddle king, and it made me feel better that I wasn't the only one waking up.
  4. When she's sitting there, with a full bladder, starved, and smelly (I'm talking about mom, not baby), take your little one from her arms, let her pee, shower, and eat.
  5. Clean up the house. Do the laundry, yes this means folding and putting it away also. You can do it. This will help her catch up on some sleep. She can actually nap while baby naps, and not use that time to clean.
  6. Learn some recipes, if you aren't already a chef master.
  7. Stay on top of how much water she's drinking. In a non annoying way. Water in take is very important. It helps her supply. Plus you really don't want her to get dehydrated and sick.
  8. If you insist on sitting there and playing your video games, at least hold the baby while you're playing. It can be done!
  9. You pretty much should be at her beck and call. I know this all may seem like whyyyy? Why do I have to do all of this? Well it's only for a few months, she carried your child for 9. She went through the most imaginable pain (that you will never experience) to get your child here. Breastfeeding is exhausting, newborns are exhausting. Can you imagine being the only one who can feed your child? The first 3 months are the toughest. She just needs to get through those 3 months and we're good to go!
  10. Be supportive! This is why number 1 is so important, you need to know your stuff. Do you know how many times mom will hear that what she is doing is "gross", or that she needs to "stop and give the kid formula"? You need to let her know that you fully support this decision, that you have her back. What she is doing is amazing and not gross. That if you could do it, you would. You need to check what ever issue you have with her breasts being exposed, if she decides to NIP. They're her breasts not yours. She is not doing this to show off her goods, she would rather not expose herself. But she is doing this to feed her child. If she chooses to NIP with a cover or not you need to be supportive. Please do not join the crowd acting like she's doing something inappropriate. When someone starts laying it on her that she needs to stop, you need to back her up on why she doesn't. Be ready to stand up to friends and family, because those are the main people who will most likely have something to say.

That's it. That's the best advice I have for you dads. The key to be supportive and acknowledging the hard work and dedication that mom is putting into breastfeeding. Realizing that this is all being done out of love. You don't have to feel left out or helpless, you have a big role in this journey. Own it.


Guest Blogger:

Melinda Rodrigues from HappySoiree.com - a site for creative ideas on DIY’s and parties!

Mother of 2 boys and breastfeeding advocate.

Melinda had a breastfeeding website called Spilled Boob Milk.

You can find Melinda on:

Instagram: @happysoiree



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