15 other uses for your boob milk

Posted on December 27 2015

15 other uses for your boob milk

Do not pump & dump!!!

Please sweet baby Jesus, don't pump & dump. (Unless it's for a legit reason.)

Every time I read or hear someone say that they pumped and dumped, I just want to yell nooooooooooooo!!! Whhyyyyy??!!!!

Here is a list of some other natural things you can do with your breast milk, instead of dumping it:

  1. Eye infections: It's normal for some babies to develop pink eye or get a blocked tear duct. Squirt a little boob milk in the corner of their eye, and like magic it will clear up. (I have tried this on my son for a blocked tear duct, and it worked!)
  2. Ear infections: Place a few drops directly into the ear canal every 24 hours.
  3. Cracked Nipples: Instead of using Lanolin you can rub it on your nips for some relief.
  4. Diaper rash: You can use it as a topical ointment to prevent or treat diaper rash. Allow to it dry before putting on the diaper.
  5. Eczema: Itchy, patchy, dry skin. Rub it on as a moisturizer.
  6. Cradle Cap: Both of my children had cradle cap. Not every baby gets it, but it is common. You can gently massage it on their scalp, a few times a day, then wash it off during bath time.
  7. Acne: Because of its antibacterial properties, it can be used as a cleanser to prevent acne.
  8. Coffee Creamer: If you have no issues with drinking your own boob milk, you can use it as a coffee creamer.
  9. Itch relief: It can be used on bug bites and chicken pox, to relieve the itch.
  10. Minor Scrapes: Put it on any minor cuts and scrapes, it can help aid the healing process.
  11. Baby Food: When making your own baby food, add it in for some added nutrients.
  12. Teething: Freeze breast milk into cubes place in a mesh feeder and your babes can chew on it for some gum relief.
  13. Popsicle: Freeze boob milk into popsicle molds or on a safe pacifier and bottle cap. What boob milk monster wouldn't love a yummy milky pop on those hot summer days? :)
  14. Colds: The coolest idea I've seen, is storing boob milk in syringes. Save it for future colds. Especially if you're done breastfeeding and you want to give your kids something natural to help fight off that bug.
  15. Donate: There are always babies out there that need your liquid gold. Click on my "Donating" category and you can read a few posts about the process I went through to donate my milk.

Guest Blogger:

Melinda Rodrigues from HappySoiree.com - a site for creative ideas on DIY’s and parties!

Mother of 2 boys and breastfeeding advocate.

Melinda had a breastfeeding website called Spilled Boob Milk.

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